15 Dec 2011

My First Attempt at Watercolour

Ugh, bought some watercolour paper. Had a go. I think next time I'll use a photograph or still life, painting from the mind is especially hard with watercolour. One thing I didn't realise I didn't have was water-soluble pencils. I was looking forward to drawing it with pencils first, then using traditional watercolour technique, and finally detailing with the pencils again. Ah well. Anyway, here are some photos from my...venture.

First thing I did was prepare the paper. Using a sponge, I wet both sides of the paper and taped it to a bit of wood using some masking tape. This will (hopefully) prevent warping.

These are the paints I used. They are Reeves Water Colour - and they are very old. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me when laying down the first wash that I could see little dots of pigment. Bother.

Welp - this is what I got. Very childish-looking, so I'm pretty disappoint. Got to learn more about the medium, and I have more pieces of watercolour paper to use so not too much of a loss.

Some crappy close-ups:

Heheh, better luck next time. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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